For entrepreneurs

How does work?
  1. finds clients via Internet browsing the nets and sells them your service always at the price marked by you.
  2. The client places his/her order on the TenerifeMama site paying the agency commission only.
  3. Once you confirm our request petition to us, the client receives the electronic ticket. On this ticket will be indicated price without the agency commission.
  4. The client shall present you this electronicTenerifeMama ticket upon his/her arrival of the excursion day.
  5. Here you go! No account settlements between the interested part and is necessary at all. No tricks, your money is in your hand.

  1. Customers

    New customers from

  2. Online payment

    Customers pays commission to

  3. e-Ticket Example

    Prepaid tickets from

  4. Cash for you

    Customers pays the remainders of your ticket price

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